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Vendange White Zinfandel 

£4.75 175ml,  £6.75 250ml,  £19.95 Bottle
California USA
A brief time with juice and skin together gives this delicate
colour, delicious strawberry aroma and zingy freshness.


Le Bosq Rosé, Vin de France

£4.75 175ml,  £6.75 250ml,  £19.95 Bottle
Pale-pink rosé with red fruit aromas and a hint of grenadine
and the palate is dry and soft.


Côtes de Provence Rosé, Héritage, Estandon 

£25.00 Bottle
Fresh aromas of peach and pear, followed by a soft
and well-balanced palate.


Galanti Prosecco Extra Dry 

£22.95 Bottle
Fine, persistent, soft fizz surrounds a fruit spectrum
of apple, pear and a hint of peach.


Comte de Chamberi Sparkling Rosé 

£22.95 Bottle
European Union
This wine combines aromas of fruits such as
strawberries with citrus and exotic fruits.


Greyfriars Rosé, England 

£6.50 125ml,  £35.00 Bottle
A graceful nose, with red berry aromas and a
spicy touch. The palate reveals ripe fruit enhanced
by a sprinkling of vanilla.


125ml measure available upon request



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