Dessert Menu


The Nook and Cranny Restaurant & Bar




Bread and butter pudding served with custard



    Stem ginger pudding with vanilla pod ice cream



        Chocolate and baileys delice served with chocolate sauce

 Soft ganache & crushed chocolate cookie



   Iced yogurt parfait served with summer berry sauce   




      Shot of espresso coffee , scoop of vanilla ice-cream &   

   liqueur of your choice







   Oh  So Caramel

 Salted caramel & vanilla pod sundae with fudge finger,fresh cream

   & caramel sauce



                           Strawberry & Vanilla Pod sundae                            

                                            Strawberry & vanilla pod ice-cream,fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce                                        




     Cheese platter served with cheese biscuits & chutney

     (cheddar, brie ,blue stilton and goat cheese)

       £9.50 or with 50ml Grahams Port £12.00



     Martini expresso £9.50         Malts from £5.50

Liqueur coffee £6.50


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